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Sunan Bonang 19 June, 2006

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(Raden Makhdum Ibrahim)

Raden Makhdum Ibrahim, or Sunan Bonang, is the eldest son of Sunan Ampel of Surabaya. As a young man, he travelled together with Raden Paku (Sunan Giri) to North Sumatra, where he received a religious education from Syekh Maulana Ishak. Following his return to Java, he settled at Bonang on the north coast. It is said that Sunan Bonang did not get married and left no descendants, preferring devoting his life to spreading the religious message.

He is also believed to have been the first Imam of the Great

  Mosque in Demak, which he assisted in constructing. 

According to one story, Sunan Bonang was responsible for the conversion to Islam of another member of the Wali Songo, Sunan Kalijaga. Not suprising then that he, like his famous student, is highly venerated.

An account of the death of Sunan Bonang, apparently in A.D. 1525, records that it had been planned for his remains to be shipped from Bonang to Surabaya, where he was to be buried alongside his father. Due to the rough conditons at sea; however, it was impossible to sail further than Tuban, for which reason his grave is found there today.