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Sunan Gunung Jati 19 June, 2006

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(Syarif Hidayatullah)




Syarif Hidayatullah, Muhammad Nuruddin, Sayyid Kamil, Syekh Nurullah, and Faletehan are just some of the names which have been given to Sunan Gunung Jati, the wali who is said to have converted the western third of Java Islam virtually single-handed and to have founded the independent State of Cirebon.

Concerning the birth, life, and death of this member of the Wali Songo, there are several conflicting stories, yet the main thread runs as follows:

Syarif Hidayatullah or Syekh Nurullah was born in Pasei, North Sumatra. According to some people, he was the son of Syekh Maulana Ishak and half-brother of Sunan Giri. Following the Portugese invasion of his homeland in 1521, he travelled to Mecca, where he stayed for three years. On his return, he entered the service of Sultan Trenggana of Demak, whose younger sister he married.

During the next few years, as a brilliant military commander, he succeeded in subjugating the north west coast of Java as well as the State of Banten. After successfully blocking an attempt by the Portugese to land at Sunda Kelapa (Jakarta) in 1527, he settled in the region of Cirebon, where he continued to live and teach until his death in A.D. 1570.