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Maulana Malik Ibrahim 19 June, 2006

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(Syekh Maghibri)


Maulana Malik Ibrahim, also known as Syekh Maghribi, is generally considered to be the 'father' of the Wali Songo. Little is known about his origins although it has been suggested that he came either from Persia, Turkey, or Northern India. A possible date for his arrival in Java is A.D. 1404.

As one of Indonesia's pioneers in the spreading of the Islamic faith, he settled in East Java and attracted converts in the region of Gresik, where he died in 822 H. (A.D. 1419). 

His tombstone is of particular interest since it was not made locally but ordered and shipped to Java from Gujarat in north western India. The stone, carved from white marble and intricately inscribed with Arabic letters, is one of a very few which have found their way to Indonesia. Other examples are known to exist in Palembang and in the North Sumatran province of Aceh.